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that are doing their own had already gotten some contrast. texas got about $11 million and it is one of the states that they have about $11 million to do the outreach for. it includes at least $37 million and they are doing their own marketplace and so they are able to do more effort and outreach. >> host: how much training duties navigator folks have and do they advocate for a certain policy but how do they go about helping people understand the program? >> guest: that is one of the concerns that there might not be enough time between now and october 1. they're worried about being adequate training, what are the safeguards, they must have a least 20 hours of training. many some additional requirements about licensure and background checks and some states may set some additional rules. but they need at least 20 hours of training. they need to be up and ready to go by october 1. they are not supposed to steer people to a particular plan. to help them through the process of enrolling. >> host: let's go to robert from baltimore. robert, good morning to you. >> caller: i was a city emplo
continues friday with the speech by texas senator at a new hampshire gop fund-raiser live on c-span at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> tomorrow night on c-span encore presentation of first ladies. >> frances cleveland is just so popular. people are imitating her. they're really just want a piece for themselves. we always felt as if we and the first lady. and so pictures of the first lady became extremely popular. you can purchase your own picture of ms. cleveland to have in your home. she is used in campaigns. while we have grover cleveland running for president, we also have mrs. cleveland running for first lady. >> the encore presentation continues tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern on c-span. >> especial book tv program continues in a few moments with a look at the civil war in the summer of 1863. the author of a chain of founder, and novel of the defeat at vicksburg. after that an interview in london. and in about two hours. now jeff shaara talks about his book "a chain of thunder" which examines the civil war battle in the summer of 1863. the author of several historical novels he spoke from the
, texas. hi, mike. >> caller: how's it going, larry? my -- pretty good. i'm a african-american democrat, but i agree with you one of the big problems in the african-american community is lack of fathers in the house. but i think, larry, when you say that, you kind of come off kind of harsh on black people. now, what's the reason behind the lack of a lot of fathers being in the house, drinking or in prison? well, back -- this is my belief. back in the '30s and '40s black people were lawyers, they had their own businesses like your father had that restaurant. today had, they were dentists -- they had, they were dentists, we had a lot of grocery stores because there was segregation, and we couldn't go to white places, so we had to become plumbers, our dentists, doctors and physicians. well, for the last 56 years there hasn't been, there hasn't been -- black youngsters haven't seen, haven't been able to go to the black dentist say like in the '30s or '40s or to a grocery store that's owned by black people or to a black doctor's office. you get my point, what i'm trying to say? all they see
found a case in texas that is almost a mistake of execution certainly there often challenge find us a real case of a truly innocent person but this is probably it. with eyewitness testimony gone wrong you people in the wrong place at the wrong time but if you look at the man who was executed and the man presumed to be guilty you have a hard time telling the difference. our book does not take the advocacy position it is not for or against capital punishment that we do have some conclusions how the system doesn't work but we're not here to tell you if it is right to or wrong. >> with the risk of executing the innocent to draw a strange reactions from the justices that say you it may help your cause a few would point to one but even then and and that no one ever said this is perfect will we do away with all punishment because mistakes do happen? no. with there will be mistakes here and in bet then everything is gone. he said that there was a very basic disagreement between justices that are concerned of moresque but that does not affect the outcome if you have it or not. >> host: to ta
Search Results 3,050 to 3,053 of about 3,054

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